Superior Technology

From Waste Plastic to High-Value Concrete Product

Using thermo-mechanical extrusion technology, the Plazrok process converts unrecyclable waste plastic bound for landfills into a concrete additive and partial replacement for stone aggregate.

Plazrok has many advantages over traditional concrete aggregate

Plazrok USA is developing an additive for concrete made from waste plastic that makes concrete lighter but just as strong—concrete made with Plazrok has flexural and tensile strength that is comparable to traditional lightweight concrete.

Plazrok advantages over standard aggregate:

  • Has an average 1:5 ratio of weight for equal volumes (Plazrok versus standard coarse aggregate)
  • 100 kg of Plazrok is volumetrically equivalent to 500 kg of standard concrete
  • Meets specifications for tensile and flexural strength
  • Has enhanced acoustic properties
  • Is easier to manage than porous pre-moistened rock
  • Saves time by shortening release time from prestressed forms

Our Technology

Plazrok USA - Comingled waste plastic sourced from waste streams.

Waste Plastic #1-7

Comingled waste plastic sourced from waste streams
Plazrok USA - Shredding and Granulation-No sorting or cleaning required.

Shredding And Granulation

No sorting or cleaning required
Plazrok USA - Thermo-Mechanical Extrusion

Thermo-Mechanical Extrusion

High-heat and high pressure extrusion process
Plazrok USA - Additive to create a superior grade of concrete.


Additive to create a superior grade of concrete

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We are assembling the players who can make our first production plant a reality. Reach out if you’d like to learn more about opportunities to collaborate and expand Plazrok in U.S. markets.

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