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Novel and Eco-friendly Alternative to Concrete Aggregate

Plazrok is a concrete additive made from waste plastic that is mixed with cement to create durable and more environmentally favorable concrete products.

Big WIN For Concrete. Big LOSS For Plastic Pollution

Do you know of the 35 million tons of plastic we discard each year, only a tiny fraction ends up getting recycled? Each year, 27 million tons of plastic is dumped into U.S. landfills.

Plazrok USA has a solution for this. Plazrok is a material made out of waste plastic that can be used to make a high-value concrete product.

For precast concrete manufacturers, Plazrok offers a lighter weight concrete product that lowers their operating costs. Plazrok weighs less than the natural stone aggregate used in traditional lightweight concrete. It can make concrete up to 20 percent lighter.

For waste management companies, Plazrok creates a commercial market for waste plastic that’s polluting our environment at alarming levels. Recycling plastic is a costly endeavor and a major hassle—most recyclers won’t accept grades of plastic beyond #1 and 2, but we use #1 through 7 to make Plazrok. And we don’t require it to be sorted or cleaned.

Turning waste into a commercial opportunity while chipping away at our plastic pollution problem sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

#1- 7

ALL grades of waste plastic can be used in Plazrok


Lighter than concrete


Tons of waste plastic used by per year by one Plazrok plant running at capacity

Economic Benefits

Environmental Benefits

“Plazrok USA is turning waste plastic into a commercially viable technical concrete additive that brings sizable revenue and cost-savings opportunities all along the supply chain—starting with the suppliers of waste plastic and all the way to the concrete manufacturers and end-users.”

Charles Engrem, Director of Business Development

Plazrok's concrete additive made from waste plastic.

Less Plastic In Landfills

We intercept unrecyclable waste plastic bound for landfills and convert it into a concrete additive and partial replacement for stone aggregate.

Plazrok's concrete additive made from waste plastic.

Environmental Stewardship

We give concrete companies the means to add an environmentally friendly concrete mix to their portfolio, boosting their stewardship.

Plazrok's concrete additive made from waste plastic.

New Revenue Stream For Waste Management

We source waste plastic from materials recovery facilities (MRFs) and waste management companies, creating a new revenue stream for those entities and diverting waste plastic from landfills by the millions of tons.

Join The Effort

We are assembling the players who can make our first production plant a reality. Reach out if you’d like to learn more about opportunities to collaborate and expand Plazrok in U.S. markets.

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