Who We Are

Plazrok was created and proven in New Zealand by Enviroplaz. Today, we’re expanding into the US market as Plazrok USA.


  • Developer of patent pending technology for Plazrok, under direction of Peter Barrow
  • Global license holder authorizing commercialization in other markets
“Plazrok could be the answer to plastic waste—we could cancel it completely and create substantial commercial opportunities for the concrete industry in the process.”
—Peter Barrow, CTO and Founding Director, Enviroplaz and Inventor of Plazrok

Wenger Manufacturing

  • Cornerstone investor in Plazrok USA
  • Master license holder for USA market
  • Extrusion equipment provider and partner to Enviroplaz
"Our company originated from a concept to repurpose byproducts into a high-value product that makes our industries better. This spirit of innovation and ingenuity is in our DNA and we are ecstatic to put that to work on bringing Plazrok to the United States.”
—Lafe Bailey, Co-CEO of Wenger Manufacturing and CEO, Plazrok USA

Our Team

  • Lafe Bailey: CEO
  • Charles Engrem: Business Development
  • Dan Gaston: Business Analyst
  • Peter Barrow: Technical Advisor at Enviroplaz
“Plastic and concrete are two of the world’s biggest environmental burdens, and Plazrok addresses both—it provides a solution for plastic pollution while also giving the construction industry an eco-friendly alternative to standard concrete aggregate. And while there are thousands of possible remedies to these devastating problems, Plazrok USA has a solution we can implement RIGHT NOW.”
—Dan Gaston, Director of Analysis, Plazrok USA

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