Making a more sustainable concrete product from waste plastic

Addressing two of our biggest environmental challenges with one product — Plazrok is a solution to the earth’s overwhelming plastic pollution problem while giving concrete manufacturers an eco-friendly alternative to standard aggregate.

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Lightweight concrete additive that reduces costs and makes concrete stronger
Thermo-mechanical extrusion processes use high heat and pressure to form Plazrok
Innovative solution for precast concrete
“It’s a win for both ends of the supply chain: On one end, we’re giving concrete companies an environmentally superior alternative to standard aggregate that also saves them money; and on the other end we’re creating a market for the waste plastic nobody else wants.”
Lafe Bailey, CEO, Plazrok USA
Eco-friendly material for green construction
Additive for making high-value concrete product
New market for waste plastic

Reduce Concrete’s Carbon Footprint

Concrete makes up 7% of global carbon emissions (more than most countries).

New Revenue Stream for Recyclers

Waste plastic #1-7—we use ALL grades to make Plazrok. No sorting required.

Join The Effort

We are assembling the players who can make our first production plant a reality. Reach out if you’d like to learn more about opportunities to collaborate and expand Plazrok in U.S. markets.

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